Psyllium Musk

It is a bulk forming axative available as husk, powder or seed.

We are one of the leading Manufacturers / Exporters of Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) for a decade.

We focus our total attention to genuine purity, pharmacopoeia including various minute aspects like non-hydrolysable substances, pentosanes, moisture content, swell volume, along with reasonable price.

Specifications :

Purity (Husk / Powder / Seed) 85% to 99%
Density (Powdered Husk) Max 0.75 gm/ml
Sieve range (Husk & Powder) 14 to 200 mesh
Moisture content Max 12%
Swelling coefficient (volume of mucilage produced in 24 hours by 1 gm of husk or powder) 50 ml

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An imminent Ahmedabad based Global sourcing company established in 1987

Wide industry experience of over 30 years in supplying quality products across the globe.

Connect manufacture & end user through a value added partnership

Besides export & import trade, we also blend quality tea having a renowned brand name ‘JAAGO RE JAAGO ‘

Having warehouse facilities at 2 locations in Ahmedabad connecting the city.

We are also distributors of reputed companies like Cargill India Private Ltd., Ruchi soya industries  Ltd.,  Gulshan Polyols Ltd.

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