Maltodextrin powder is a major food ingredient. It is used as a carrier for food flavors. Maltodextrin has a dextrose equivalent of 10. Meaning it has 10 percent of the sweetness value of dextrose which would be approximately 1/17 (6%) as sweet as sugar.

As a rather common additive to a number of different types of foods, maltodextrin is classified as a sweet polysaccharide. While containing sweet qualities, maltodextrin is considered to contain fewer calories than sugar.

Characteristic UoM Min Max Method
Moisture % 5 CRA-MOIST.02 ­8
Bulk Density (Loose) g/l 420 540 CRA B-16
Bulk Density (Packed) g/l 500 620 CRA B-16
D.E (Lane Eynon) % 12 16 CRA E-58
Granulometry (>400µm) % 7 FCC IV-Pg 752
Granulometry (< 63µm) % 35 FCC IV-Pg 752
pH 3.5 5.5 CRA E-48
Sulphur dioxide mg/kg 10 CRA E-67

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